In addition to being a science fiction and technothriller author, Darren is an expert in space, technology, and aviation, having worked on board every Space Shuttle orbiter with the exception of Challenger. He has performed astronaut training, and has installed and removed experiments on numerous Space Shuttle missions. One of his first was the Hubble Space Telescope launch. He is also an instrument-rated pilot with more than 1000 flight hours.

Darren is also an expert in product development, having launched products for major international brands such as Visa, Taco Bell, and American Express. He has put this expertise in play to create training courses and presentations to assist authors, product development professionals, technical developers, and a variety of other disciplines how to create products that engender an evolutionary response in customers.

Technical Consultation and Interviews

Darren is available for technical consultation on articles, books, films, video games, and broadcast media. Also a strong visual and oral communicator, he is available for on-air interviews or speaking engagements.

Training Courses and Teaching

All of Darren’s training courses are available as in-person seminars. Product training can be tailored to meet the industry of the audience, and Darren has specialized expertise in mobile, gaming, payments, space and technology, and aviation. Additionally, Darren is available for educational speeches to students, and is especially interested in helping under-served youth gain an appreciation of what they are capable of achieving.